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California First State to Ban Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs in Pet Stores

puppy mill

  Local and national animal welfare organizations today commend CA Governor Jerry Brown for signing into law legislation that will prevent the sale of commercially raised dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores across the state of California. The law also encourages partnerships that promote the adoption of homeless pets. Authored by Assembly …

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LMFAO. Most Hilarious Dog Halloween Costumes

From extravagant costumes to simple pieces, these dogs are looking hilariously Halloween ready. What will your dog be this Halloween? Ideas in Video: Witch dog costume costume Starwars dog costume or a crazy cool version Pumpkin dog costume  Dog Skull Sweater  Dog Dog dinosaur costume  Dog banana costume  Dog taco costume Dog …

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10 Tiniest Puppies Doing HILARIOUS Things

Tiny puppy video

Having a bad day? We know one thing that will make it better: This cute dog video above. Everyone loves a tiny puppy… so, what’s better than tiny puppies doing hilarious things? From jumping in a pile of leaves to playing a video game, these puppies are sure enjoying childhood!

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6 Dog Care Tips You Need to Follow

dog care tips

  Caring for your dog isn’t just about feeding him every day. Just like with children, a dog requires love and affection, as well as other forms of grooming and care to help him grow up into a happy and healthy adult! So what are some tips for your dog …

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Dog Pissed Pet Store Closed

dog pet store

This dog is pissed that the pet store is closed and he’s not taking no for an answer! He’s putting his paw down on this one! The canine sits by the door, refusing to move when his owner pulls him away. A dog needs his treats!

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