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Husband Fills House with Puppies- Surprises Wife

puppy house

Picture your perfect man. Does he fill your house with puppies? Mine would. And that’s exactly what this husband does in the video above. The couple isn’t allowed to have pets in the house, but they’re getting the floors replaced. They use the reno as an opportunity to finally fill …

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Dog Picks Out His Own Treats

dog shopping

Every dog in the world wishes they had the same luxury as this dog! In the cute dog video above, a dog cruises into Canadian Tire to the pet section. He places his treats in the basket, walks to the cashier and places the items on the counter. A well-deserved …

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Smart Pup Sets up Christmas Table

christmas dog

When it comes to Santa, this little guy is NOT joking around. He sets up his own table complete with milk and treats for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. After tucking himself into bed, he wakes up to see a pile of gifts left just for him!

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