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Kangaroo and Dog Showing Affection

dog and kangaroo, cute dog video

This is seriously the cutest video we’ve seen in awhile! They might not be able to have babies, but this kangaroo and dog sure love each other! In the cute dog video above, a kangaroo reaches over to pet a dog on the head

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christmas dog video, funny christmas dog video, dogs destroying christmas

  Christmas– What a great day. Except for these dog’s owners! They will have a TON of cleaning up to do after these pups got a hold of things! In the video above, two dogs destroy gifts, steal gifts and make their house explode. These dogs are DEFINITELY on the …

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Dog Elves Make Human Toys for Christmas

christmas dog videos, funny christmas dog videos, dog elves

Elves are taking a new form this Christmas! And guess what? They’re cuter than ever. In the funny dog Christmas video above, dogs make toys with human hands. While we’re sitting down here making our lists, these dogs are hard at work at the North Pole. Some dogs get a …

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