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Dog Pumpkin Carving Stencil Ideas

dog pumpkin carving, dog pumpkin carving stencil

  Looking to step up your pumpkin carving game this year? We’ve got 10 cute ideas to help you out. And the best part? They all involve dogs 🙂 Dog Pumpkin Carving Ideas   This cute pumpkin captures your dog in his natural state: with his tongue out!   If …

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6 Dog Care Tips You Need to Follow

dog care tips

  Caring for your dog isn’t just about feeding him every day. Just like with children, a dog requires love and affection, as well as other forms of grooming and care to help him grow up into a happy and healthy adult! So what are some tips for your dog …

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Benefits Of Organic Pet Food

Organic Pet Food

Organic Pet food is becoming increasingly popular. These days nearly everyone thinks about the health and well-being of their pets. Whenever they have an option, they do not hesitate to spend that little extra amount on a better alternative. Reasons for Opting for Organic pet food Consumers are changing their …

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Thank you for helping YoDoggyDog reach 25K likes on Facebook. To show our gratitude, we’re giving away a FREE digital doggy portrait of YOUR dog by an expert illustrator. To enter: Comment a pic of your dog on our contest post Sign up to our mailing list BELOW *Only contestants …

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Cedar Dog Kennel: 4 Amazing Options

cedar dog kennel

  Looking to buy a dog house? Cedar dog kennels and houses are a great option: They’re high quality, long-lasting and look great, too. Here are 4 great cedar dog kennel options.     #1 Porch Pups Cedar Dog Kennel/House   This little dog house is quite possibly the cutest …

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Biewer: Everything You Need to Know About the Breed

biewer, biewer terrier

The biewer is a toy terrier breed that is loyal, friendly yet protective. With long hair draping along its body with bows often placed at the top of their heads, they may look like prissy puppies, but they love and crave attention and affection.   About Biewer Breed Life expectancy: …

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