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Kong Stuffing Recipes

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Kongs are a great treat to give your dog whenever you leave the house or whenever he’s feeling a little bit bored. The most popular filling for Kongs is peanut butter; however, many people may be allergic to nuts and others want a variety of options to keep their dog …

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The Best Dog Harness? DEXDOG Has You Covered

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  Pet owners always want what’s best for their dogs. Some even dig down to the tiniest detail only to ensure that their dogs get the kind of care they need. Some of the most important things pet owners are particular about are their dogs’ leashes and harnesses. It’s something …

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Are Pit Bulls Good Family Dogs?

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Many people ask this question about Pit bulls, “Are pit bulls good family dogs?” Well I want to believe that after reading the below reasons why every family out there will crave for a Pitbull in their home: They are relatively healthy. It is true that any breed of dog …

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Dog First Aid Kit: The Essentials

dog first aid kit

As a dog owner, you may find yourself needing to give your dog first aid. Dogs are curious creatures and sometimes get into dangerous situations. When they get into trouble, it will be your job to help. Many of the problems a dog faces are like those of our own. Until …

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How to Prepare Dog for New Baby

dog new baby

First off, congrats! Now you’re not only a fur baby mama, but a real mom, too! Preparing for a new arrival is a very special and a life-changing event. In the video above, dog trainer Zak George gives tips and shows canine owners on how to train their pets to …

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Best Food for Pitbull $100 Giveaway Video Contest

best dog food for pitbull

  Best Dog Food for Pitbull is holding a $100 giveaway! Below are some of the $100 giveaway video contest details so you can make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to win. Let’s share with the world our love for our pitbull’s dog! Rules: Record a video of …

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Pet Store Chains: The Top 4

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When it comes to pet stores, you want to know who you’re buying from. You want to make sure that they don’t support puppy mills, and preferably, that they help animal welfare either through a charity or through adoption services. Here is a list of four major pet chains across …

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