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Dog Training: 5 Basic Commands

dog training, basic commands

  Getting a new puppy is exciting! Everything is new for you and her and every day she seems to be learning something different. But, what should she be learning? The level in which you’d like to train her is your choice as an owner, but there are a couple …

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Help Your Dog Through Firework Fear this NYE

new years eve dog fireworks scared

If you have a dog that has a nervous temperament, this video is for you and your dog. I liked this video because I’ve been around dogs that would run around scared when hearing loud noises or actually run away hiding when fireworks were going off. I found that placing …

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Dog Chakras: The Complete Guide

dog charkra, dog chakras, dog chakra healing, animal chakras, animal chakra healing

There’s many ways to improve your dog’s health but here’s one you may have not thought of: Chakra healing. What’s a Dog Chakra? The idea of chakras are more of a new age spirituality/holistic concept; however, the it originated in India somewhere between 1500 and 500 BC. Chakras are circular …

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DIY Dog Christmas Cookies! SO EASY!

diy dog christmas cookies, dog cookie recipe

  Around this time you may be starting to bake Christmas cookies for your family and friends. But don’t forget about your pups! In the video above, you will learn how to easily make Christmas cookies for your dog. It’s quite simple actually! You can even press them into shapes …

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Dog Safety: Tips for the Holidays & Christmas

dog safety

The holidays are full of family, fun and festivities – but can also be a source of potential hazards for our cats and dogs. From increased stress levels to particularly harmful foods, the season’s activities can be a lot for pets to handle. Royal Canin is encouraging pet owners to take precautions …

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Is Celery Good for Dogs?

is celergy good for dogs

  Dogs don’t eat certain foods the way we do…and at the same time can’t eat some of the foods humans eat. Dogs fed a complete and balance diet won’t need to consume as many fruits and vegetables, but are acceptable for consumption if they’re consumed in moderation (meaning limited …

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