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Saddest Dog Only Days Away From Euthanasia—Can You Help?

 saddest dog in world, toronto dog adoption

The saddest dog in the world now sits in her Toronto, Canada kennel awaiting her destiny of either a new family or euthanasia.

Rescue Dogs Match has given her until May 20 to find a forever home.

saddest dog in world, toronto dog adoption
(Rescue Dogs Match)

Lana the Labrador-mix returned to the shelter this year after being adopted by a family in January 2016. When Lana was being fed, she snapped at her owner — making it unsafe for the family’s children.

The dog was dubbed the “Saddest dog in the word” in October 2015 when a tear-jerking photo of her went viral.

 saddest dog in world, toronto dog adoption
(Rescue Dogs Match)

This lead to $15,000 in donations, 4,000 applications and a short-term new home. Now, once again, Lana is looking for a forever home.

Unlike some other shelter dogs, Lana’s adoptive owners need to meet specific requirements:

  • Must live in Canada
  • Must be able to spend most of the time outside (backyard, no apartments)
  • Homes without children or other dogs will work best (possessive around food)

An ideal match would be an owner who lives on a farm with a few barnyard animals.


Lana’s details:

Name: Lana Turner

Age: 3 (birthday May 14)
Breed: Lab mix
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Cat: NO
Dogs: NO
Kids: None

Although Lana is a sweet dog, she is not a typical dog that owners can play with. She loves to be outside and having an active lifestyle and being free to roam would be most beneficial for her.

If you are able to foster or adopt Lana, info@rescuedogsmatch.com.

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  1. Tried to email about her and it says there email address Rescuedogsmatch.com is invalid. Can you help

  2. Well they just deleted their Facebook page. They were clearly a scam. No rescue puts a healthy dog down! Especially when they’ve raised $15000CAD to help it.

  3. Has anyone tried to contact the dog whisper, Ceasar malan? He reabilitates dogs, is on TV & has dogs of his own. He might be able to save her!!!!

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