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Dog Pissed Pet Store Closed

dog pet store

This dog is pissed that the pet store is closed and he’s not taking no for an answer! He’s putting his paw down on this one! The canine sits by the door, refusing to move when his owner pulls him away. A dog needs his treats!

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Dog Fkn Lovin’ Rap Music

dog loves music

You’re not the only one who enjoys a good tune. In the cute dog video above, a dog bops his head to the rap music, not missing a single beat. Maybe one day he’ll pick up the mic himself and drop a beat.

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My Dog Eats Spaghetti So Weirdly

dog eating spaghetti

Two dogs sitting in candlelight sharing a delicious plate of spaghetti… so romantic. Unless you’re this dog. He’s not in it for the romance… he’s in it for the spaghetti. In the cute dog video above, a tiny puppy gobbles a spaghetti noddle as quick as he can.

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Dog HOARDS Tater Tots

dog eats human food

This dog does not want to risk getting his precious tater tots taken away from him. The solution? Stuff and hide them inside his mouth. When his owner gets a sneaking suspicion something is off, she forces the dog to give up his dirty secret. After spitting them out, his …

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Dog Poops While in Bathtub with Owner

dog poops in bath

Sometimes a bath can scare the poop out of a little pup. But not this canine. Laying in the warm water while being pet relaxes him so much that his bowels begin to relax too. Now his owner definitely needs a bath – preferably with new water!

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Dogs VS. Broccoli. Dramatic Ordeal

dog eating food, cute dog video

  Some of us hate greens… especially broccoli. Others – like these dogs – are actually intimidated by the vegetable. In the cute dog video compilation above, small and large dogs attempt to eat broccoli but it becomes a dramatic ordeal.

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