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10 Tiniest Puppies Doing HILARIOUS Things

Tiny puppy video

Having a bad day? We know one thing that will make it better: This cute dog video above. Everyone loves a tiny puppy… so, what’s better than tiny puppies doing hilarious things? From jumping in a pile of leaves to playing a video game, these puppies are sure enjoying childhood!

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Hilarious Rainbow Dog Prank

dog prank, rainbow dog

In the hilarious dog prank video above, a man asks his victims to watch his dog while he goes into the store. A few seconds after, a group of children surround the dog and pretend to spray paint him. The dog is then switched with a another dog who has …

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Yorkie Goes Shopping By Herself. WOW

dog shopping, funny dog video

Don’t you wish your dog could do your grocery shopping? But if they could, wouldn’t they only buy dog treats? That’s what this dog did. When Jasmine’s owner left the house for work, she picked up her doggy purse and headed to the store to pick up some great treats. …

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These Dogs Can Walk on Their Hind Legs. WTF

walking dogs, funny dog videos

Why walk on 4 legs can you can only use just two? These two dogs have mastered the skill of walking– and even dancing– on their hind legs. In the cute dog video above, two dogs prance around in superhero costumes. One of the dogs, dressed in full human clothing, …

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Dog VS Lemon: Who Wins?

dog vs lemon, dog lemon, funny dog video

In the funny dog video above, Binky, a Chihuahua-Miniature pincher mix, attempts to defeat a lemon. Approaching is slowly and with fear, he takes a lick and is taken aback by the sourness. Eventually, he uses a floor mat to help protect him.

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Dog Steals Toy from Hardworking Baby

dog baby video, funny dog video

Ever worked so hard to have something stolen from right underneath you? This baby can relate! In the cute dog video above, a crawling baby reaches and reaches, trying to grab the beloved toy. After getting oh so close, the dog comes out of nowhere and steals it! Better luck …

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Dog Prank: Hilarious April Fools Video

dog prank, april fools dog

In the spirit of April Fools Day, we have a great prank video for you. In the dog prank video above, a man asks several people to watch his dog for a few minutes while he runs inside. Later, another man approaches saying he’s the owner’s friend and was instructed …

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Dog Scared of Baby Poop

dog baby video, funny dog video, dog and baby

Dogs might eat their own poop, but one thing is for sure: They want nothing to do with yours. In the hilarious dog video above, a baby poops in his diaper and the dog immediately runs off of the chair.

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