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Dog VS Lemon: Who Wins?

dog vs lemon, dog lemon, funny dog video

In the funny dog video above, Binky, a Chihuahua-Miniature pincher mix, attempts to defeat a lemon. Approaching is slowly and with fear, he takes a lick and is taken aback by the sourness. Eventually, he uses a floor mat to help protect him.

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Dog Cleverly Tells Owner to STFU

smart dog, intelligent, dog telling owner to stfu

As humans, we have the pleasure of being able to tell people to STFU verbally. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that same luxury. Except for one dog. He has had enough and has found clever ways to tell his owner. From shushing his owner with his paw to keeping him from …

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The Top Shelter Dog Makeover

top shelter dog makeover transformation

  Mouse was found as a stray in Des Moines, Iowa, dirty, matted and painfully uncomfortable. Thankfully, he was rescued by his local shelter and with a good grooming this once-unrecognizable dog was transformed into a lovable pooch and quickly adopted. Mouse’s dramatic alteration not only got him a second chance on …

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Hilarious Dog Names

puppy hilarious dog names

Whether you’re planning on getting a new pup or you’ve just got one and are waiting to pick out a name, consider a hilarious or funny dog name.   We know what you’re thinking: “Why would I make my dog the butt of the joke for his entire life?”   …

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