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3 Most Affordable Dog Breeds to Own


affordable dog breeds

How much is that doggie in the window?

Is it way beyond your budget or that of your parents? The ‘tail-wagging’ news is you can still enjoy the benefits of owning a dog with minimal expenses.

Believe it or not, several affordable dog breeds are perfect for potential dog owners like you. Issues such as breeder’s reputation, color, and bloodline are factored in. Some pups of the same breed are affordable and that is one of the reasons to persuade your parents to get a dog.


#1 Chihuahua

You can indeed get a chihuahua pup from a puppy mill between $100.00 and $300.00 but we don’t recommend that. Instead, go to a reputable breeder who can sell it to you between $500.00 and $1800.00 depending on factors like the bloodline and the type of chihuahua (e.g. teacup, apple head).

You will not spend a fortune feeding this small breed. A bonus is that due to their petite sizes, the cost of quarterly deworming is not as much since it is based on weight.

On average, you’d spend about $120.00 each month for food, grooming, flea treatment, and dog insurance.


#2 American Foxhound

If what you are hoping for is a large affordable dog, you’d never go wrong with an American Foxhound. This is one of the most affordable breeds that you can find in the market. You can have it for as low as $400.00.


It is a low-maintenance and sweet-tempered dog that can live peacefully with other pets and kids.

Yes, this dog breed may be heavy eaters but it is one of the healthiest around. That said, you can save a lot of money on vet expenses. The monthly upkeep shouldn’t be more than $200.00.


#3 Border Collie

A beautiful and active dog that is included in the list of the least expensive dogs for 2020. You can purchase it for less than $600.00 but can be cheaper if you will adopt it.

Monthly, you’d spend an average of $60.00 on food and $28.00 on insurance. For vet visits, an annual $200.00 or thereabouts is expected.



All the 3 dog breeds we mentioned are easy on your wallet and can save you a fortune over many dog expenses. Just be sure that you buy or adopt one that will suit your lifestyle, space, and even your personality.


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