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5 Best Gifts for Your Dog This Summer


One thing besides treats that makes the dog happiest is the summer season.

A whole day of action-packed swimming, adventuring, and sunbathing is what makes summer so exciting both for you and your dog. Moreover, if your dog’s birthday also falls in summer, then it’s like a cherry on top because the best way to strengthen your bond with your dog is by giving a present.

Here, we have carefully scrutinized the five best gifts that you can give your dog this summer to celebrate the warmth this season brings.


#1 A Portrait

A portrait depicting your canine friend is the most wonderful gift you can give your dog this summer. It might seem counterintuitive at first but dogs genuinely understand art. They know how to appreciate abstracts and spend most of their time contemplating and acknowledging those hands that made such a fine piece of art. 

With this said, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to justify that dogs also have facial recognition skills like us humans. Gifting your pal a beautiful portrait is one of the best things you can do this summer.


#2 Dog’s Swimming Pool

What’s the best way to cut down the scorching heat of summer? Of course, swimming. So, this summer, surprise your dog by taking him or her to a dog swimming pool or setting up one in your backyard. Bring along your dog’s friends and let your dog enjoy this day to the fullest. Hold little competitions and reward the winner with treats. Swimming will not only cool down your dog but also will fulfill its daily exercise needs.


#3 Chill-Out Bandanas

Taking your dog out to a swimming pool is a one-day activity, and it isn’t easy to carry it on every day. So how’s your pal going to battle the burning heat of summer? Simple, give your dog a chill-out bandana. To use it, soak it under cold tap water and then wrap it around your dog. 

The bandana will absorb the coldness and will serve as an instant reliever for your dog for a long time. Chill-out Bandanas will give your dog a chilling sensation and improve the overall temperament of your furry friend. Not that your dog will feel better, by wearing a bandana, it will be the most stylish one too!



#4 Special Summer Treat

Popsicles, watermelon, cold drinks are a few ways through which we relieve ourselves during the hot summer days, but what about our lovely dogs? They say the best gifts are edible, so why not treat our canine fellows with some special summer treats. 

Cut fruits like muskmelon, strawberries, watermelon, citruses into smaller portions and freeze them altogether. Remember to remove all seeds, peels beforehand. This hand-made gift of yours will suck out all the hotness from your beloved dog.


#5 Dog’s Balm

Last but not least, gifting your dog a protective balm will safeguard its paws from getting scarred due to walking on hot surfaces. Dog paws are sensitive, and care is needed to prevent damage to their soft, tiny paws. A dog balm is especially indicated if you live in an urban area where the pavement can get very hot during summer days.



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