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5 DIY Dog Toys You Need to Make Right NOW

diy dog toys

Owning a dog is expensive and you probably don’t want to spend another $20 on a dog toy that will only be ripped up hours later.

It’s likely that you have some common items lying around the house that you can make a dog toy out of.

Be creative! Look for items that can store treats, items that make noise or items that give your dog a bit of a challenge.


More DIY Dog Toys

#1 Sock Kong

Don’t have a Kong? No problem! Make one out of a clean sock, some of your dog’s favourite treats and a few elastics. Take a clean sock and stuff some treats inside. Then roll the sock up and wrap elastics around it, your dog will work to break the sock and get the goods! Sure, it’s not as durable, but it’s a quick fix to keep a pup entertained.


#2 Container Kong

You can also hide treats in containers, such as a clean butter container. Your dog will be able to smell the treats, but won’t be able to get to them easily. This fun game will have him entertained for quite some time!


#3 Sock Bottle

diy dog toy sock water bottle

Another quick toy you can make with a sock includes a water bottle. Stuff an empty water bottle inside a large, clean sock. Tie the end of the sock and give it to your dog. He will love the sound of chewing through the sock to an empty bottle (kind of like a squeaky toy!).


#4 Tug of War T-Shirt

You can make a super quick tug of war toy by tying an old t-shirt into a knot. Grab one end and have your pup bite the other!


5 #Pupscile

Your kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a nice cold popsicle on a hot summer day! You can freeze dog treats inside an ice cube tray full of water. Some dogs already enjoy chewing on ice and will love this treat even more. Other dogs will have a fun time trying to get to the prize!

diy dog toys

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