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This is a sponsored post. Occasionally, Yo Doggy Dog invites guest posters to share content for a fee. For more information, email [email protected] (Please don't ask us to post advertisements without labeling them as such. Do the right thing.)

5 Best Gifts for Your Dog This Summer

One thing besides treats that makes the dog happiest is the summer season. A whole day of action-packed swimming, adventuring, and sunbathing is what makes summer so exciting both for you and your dog. Moreover, if your dog’s birthday also falls in summer, then it’s like a cherry on top …

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Belgian Malinois Puppies Sale, Adoption, Price Guide

Belgian Malinois Puppies Sale

Belgian Malinois are known for their protection and strength. This can make them a good choice for anyone looking to add another layer of security to their life. If you’re considering this breed, you should know a few things before diving in. In this guide, we’ll cover what you need …

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What is The Cost of a Bernedoodle?

The friendly and very popular mixed breed, Bernedoodle is a hybrid between the poodle and the Bernese mountain dog. This designer breed is loving, tolerant, loyal, and makes perfect family pets. Their smart and energetic nature coupled with a beautiful exterior made of multicolored coats and long curls makes them …

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5 Tips for Taking Care of your Dog

dog care tips

Taking care of a dog is one of the important things to consider before bringing one into the family. Dogs are pets that need proper care and a healthy lifestyle to survive. So, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to provide everything that your pet requires. Besides providing …

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How to Stop Dog Licking Paws

dog paw licking

Dogs lick their paws often but do you really know why they do this? Do you really know why your dog likes to do this? All dogs have licking behaviors in some form or another. Even if it’s not an obvious sihn like paw licking, there is a clear reason …

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3 Most Affordable Dog Breeds to Own

affordable dog breeds

How much is that doggie in the window? Is it way beyond your budget or that of your parents? The ‘tail-wagging’ news is you can still enjoy the benefits of owning a dog with minimal expenses. Believe it or not, several affordable dog breeds are perfect for potential dog owners …

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