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Top 5 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean with a Dog

house clean with dog

Your home cleaning challenges may vary depending on the breed of your dog. Most commonly, pet owners have to deal with hair, paw prints, and mud to some extent. Your pet dog may be a fantastic company, pet shavings, droppings, urine stains on the carpet, are the common problems that …

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Foods that Your Dog Should Never Eat

puppies eating

Most of the people don’t pay much attention to what their dogs eat.   They prefer buying the best dog collars, and everything that makes their dog stand out. Buying dog accessories to make your pet dog look good is a good practice. ForTheFurry provides all types of accessories for …

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Moving with Pets: What You Need to Know

dog in back of pickup

Moving tends to be stressful for most humans, and that same stress extends to your pets.   They may not know precisely what is going on, but they can sense that change is in the air. Whether you’re moving north to Hamilton or south to the states, it can be …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Need Clothes

dog clothes

With the growing popularity of canine fashion, we are always getting questions on whether it’s right to dress a pooch. This is a puzzling question, and the answer to this will depend on a plethora of factors. For instance, if you notice your dog shivering violently, it might be an …

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Is Artificial Grass Safe for My Dogs?

artificial grass for dogs

Keeping your furry friend safe in your garden is something you need to think about. There are dozens of different plants, for example, which can prove hazardous – even poisonous – to dogs and cats. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that some homeowners are hesitant to make the …

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