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All About the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed


bernese mountain dog breed

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed that truly fits the description of a man’s best friend. He’s very loyal and patient and has a need to please.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large-sized dog that originated in Switzerland and is a Sennenhund-type breed.

These dogs have a predominately black coat, with a white chest and brown markings. They have bushy tails and shed frequently. Owners will need to vacuum regularly. Of course, brushing will reduce shedding.

At their largest, Bernese can be about 27 inches tall and 120 pounds (usually males). The smallest females could be 23 inches tall and weigh 75 pounds.

Training these dogs should be fairly easy since they have a need to please and are intelligent. Since Bernese Mountain dogs are sensitive, encouragement and rewards will be beneficial during the training process. But, don’t let their kind-heartedness fool you; they also have the ability to be a watchdog. This breed will bark to alert the family of intruders.

These loyal dogs are very loving towards their owners, almost acting as the big version of a lap dog.

Some even think they are a lap dog:

You may even be able to train this breed to hug on demand:


These dogs are usually peaceful with other animals and with children. Because they are more docile, they can be patient with rambunctious children. However, male Bernese Mountain Dogs can become dominant over other male dogs.

When these dogs are left alone, they could experience separation anxiety, which could result in them destructing items. For this reason, Bernese Mountain dogs are great for people who work from home. They love companionship.

Bernese Mountain dogs are naturally shy. It’s very important that you give them lots of socialization as a puppy to ensure they reach their full social potential as adults.

Owners of Bernese should have a large, fenced-in yard and live somewhere with a cooler climate.

Bernese love playing in snow during wintertime:

This breed is not suited for warm climates or apartments. Historically, they were used on farms and are thus used to large, open outdoor spaces.

Bernese are expensive. The average cost of this breed is $900. Owners should also be prepared to spend money on health issues that will likely arise when this breed reaches middle to old age. The Bernese Mountain Dog is the most expensive dog in terms of medical costs, according to data from Veterinary Pet Insurance.

Although many dogs die of cancer, Bernese have a higher chance of getting the disease. As Bernese age, they may also endure hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis. They are also prone to epilepsy and heart as early as middle age. Because of these issues, the life expectancy of this breed is lower than others: about 7-8 years.




11111111????Gets along with children and other animals

11111111????Calmer than other breeds

11111111????Good-natured and docile

11111111????Loyal and loving



11111111????Separation anxiety

11111111????Can be very timid

11111111????Frequent shedding

11111111????Medical problems and a shorter lifespan


11111111????Not suited for apartments


Looking for a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog?

Here is a list of breeders in the U.S. and Canada.


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