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Cute + Funny Dogs

Corgi Addicted to Cabbage

funny dog video, dog and cabbage

Some dogs are picky with their food. They only want the most gourmet, human food — not any of that kibble shit. Then there’s this special corgi: He likes to eat cabbage, and he absolutely hates being taken away from it In the funny dog video above, this corgi barks …

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Dog So Angry at His Own Food. WTF?

funny dog video, dog mad at own foot

Dogs get mad when they don’t get treats. When another dog steals their toy. Or when they’re not getting enough attention. But have you ever heard of a dog that gets mad at his OWN foot? In the video above, a dog eats his bone while moving his foot toward …

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Dog with Human-Like Eyebrows

dog eyebrows video, cute dog video

Sometimes dogs share a lot of the traits that humans do: They care and show sadness. But what about their physical features? When a dog has eyebrows, they somehow become even more cute! Check out the video above for a cute dog with some crazy eyebrows.   

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