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Cute + Funny Dogs

OMG! Tiny Pup Drives Away in Tiny Car

dog drives car, dog prank

In this cute dog prank above,  a mom asks her prank video to watch her child and dog for a moment. A quick minute later, the son puts the dog in the kid’s play car and the dog drives away! The prank victim panics, grabbing the controller to drive the car …

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Hilarious Rainbow Dog Prank

dog prank, rainbow dog

In the hilarious dog prank video above, a man asks his victims to watch his dog while he goes into the store. A few seconds after, a group of children surround the dog and pretend to spray paint him. The dog is then switched with a another dog who has …

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Cool Dog Trick: Pug Plays DEAD

cool pug trick

Pug are usually known to be a lazy dog breed, but that’s not always true. They are intelligent little canines and can be trained to do some pretty amazing tricks. In the cute dog video below, this pug plays dead at his owner’s command.

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Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

sleep walking dog

Does your dog sleep walk? This dog sure does! Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog starts off running slowly in his sleep. Then it progresses into a faster run. Then, before we know it, he’s bumping into walls! Luckily, one time bumping into a wall is enough and he wakes up …

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Hate Trump? These Dogs Do Too

dogs hate trump, pets hate trump, trump dog white hosue

How is President Trump doing? According to these dogs, not very well. The canines in the video above show their dislike, and even hatred towards Trump. Several dogs bark violently just at the sight of him on television. No wonder he can’t have a dog in the white house!

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