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Dog Cleverly Tells Owner to STFU

smart dog, intelligent, dog telling owner to stfu

As humans, we have the pleasure of being able to tell people to STFU verbally. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that same luxury. Except for one dog. He has had enough and has found clever ways to tell his owner. From shushing his owner with his paw to keeping him from …

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FREE Digital Dog Portrait Drawing

dog contest, free dog drawing

We’re giving away one free personalized digital dog portrait drawing! The winner will send us photos of their dog, which an artist will transform into a beautiful digital portrait. The winner will be selected from our mailing list. To be eligible, you must sign up for the Yo Doggy Dog …

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The Top Shelter Dog Makeover

top shelter dog makeover transformation

  Mouse was found as a stray in Des Moines, Iowa, dirty, matted and painfully uncomfortable. Thankfully, he was rescued by his local shelter and with a good grooming this once-unrecognizable dog was transformed into a lovable pooch and quickly adopted. Mouse’s dramatic alteration not only got him a second chance on …

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HILARIOUS Talking Dog Prank!

hilarious dog prank

Ever wonder what your dog would say if he could talk? Well, one prankster put his imagination to use and has answered that question for you. And it’s not what you may think. In the video above, a prankster places a speaker near a dog and watches from afar. He …

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I Didn’t Do It: Hilarious Guilty Dogs

guilty dog video

All of our dogs have been there. They’ve done something they’re not supposed to. Maybe they chewed on you expensive shoes while you were at work; maybe he was able to access the forbidden block of cheese; or maybe he got a hold of your old teddy bear and made …

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