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Cute + Funny Dogs

10 Dogs Who Just Love to Party

hilarious dog photo partying

Chillin’ With A Cold One 1111119898809809809778776777777777777777777777777777777777111 We’re not sure what this beer “Slurm” is, but we’re sure it’s great! This cool doggy is chilling in his shades with his vacation shirt and sipping on a nice cold one.

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Funny Monkey Walks Dog

monkey walking dog

Sometimes you’re just too tired to take your dog for a walk. The solution? Get your monkey to take him. If you don’t have a monkey, it’s worth the investment. As you see in the video above, they are quite talented caretakers and know how to handle a little pup. …

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Dog Jumps in to Save Drowning Owner

dog jumps in to save drowning human

He’s not just cute, he’s smart and a saviour. In the video above, a man goes into a lake and holds his breath underwater for an extended period of time. Noticing this, his dog not only jumps in, but pulls him out with his owner’s hand in the dog’s mouth. …

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Coolest Dogs Say Sup #3

coolest dogs say whats up bernese mountain dog

Every now and then we love to feature YOUR dogs on our blog. Dogs are special and they need a little recognition and praise. This week we’re featuring three of the cutest doggies sent in by our readers. Want your cute dog photos featured? Tweet, message or email us. Make sure to share a …

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