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Cute + Funny Dogs

Funny Dog Kicks Sand at Kid

funny dog kicks sand at kids on the beach

This dog is having a nice, relaxing day at the beach… until he starts getting kicked. The pooch sleeps in the sun on the sand, dreaming of treats and fetching sticks. A boy lying opposite him starts annoying the dog by pushing him with his foot. After a few pushes …

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Toby the Bichon Runs for President

dog running for president hilary clinton donald trump

Headlines are swirling around presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but why hasn’t the media picked up on the most interesting candidate? Toby, an adorable Bichon hopes to take Obama’s place and make history for being the first ever dog president. Between making speeches and participating in presidential debates, …

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Happy Dog Dances To The Beat

dog dancing with boy in brazil

He’s moving and grooving and there’s no stopping this pup. In the video above, a boy in Brazil starts dancing. He moves his arms and legs and starts clapping. The dog not only loves the beat, but joins in on the dance. He shakes his rump up and down, bopping …

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VIDEO: Dog Swings From Tree Rope

pitbull hanging from rope hilarious dog video

Never say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! That certainly isn’t the case with this Pitbull. Some dogs love fetching, some love chew toys, others love hanging and swinging from a rope attached to a tree. Hey, if it keeps him entertained, why not? In the hilarious video, …

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Cutest Dogs Say Sup #2

dog pink dress

Dogs can lift our spirits, force us to exercise and show us a sense of humor. Today, they’re going to brighten your day. Our followers sent us pics of their doggies for us to showcase here for you.   MEET THE PUPS:   Hope     (Photos provided by @Streicher187) …

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