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Hilarious Video Shows Cool Dog Driving Moped

cute dog drives moped video golden retriever cute hilarious store

There hasn’t been a more accurate video to describe the term “cool dog.” In the video above, a golden retriever drives a moped. We’re not kidding—he actually drives it. The dog holds onto the handles, orange sunglasses on, tongue hanging and looking cool as ever. His owner sits on the …

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Busy Dogs Need To Relax

When busy dogs get home from work, you should let them relax with a nice cold one. I’ll tell you why: Little Buddy and his coworkers keep themselves busy dogs all day by filing paperwork, sending emails, returning customer’s phone calls and keeping inventory updated. Sometimes their days can get …

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VIDEO: What Kind of Dog Would Donald Trump Be?

A man working at a dog shelter posed an interesting question today: “With Donald Trump having major victory in several states, I thought, if Donald Trump were a dog, what kind of dog would he be? For those thinking the camera will point to an aggressive mutt, you’re wrong. Trump …

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Cute Pomeranian Refuses To Get Out Of Bed

Like us, Pomeranians also have their lazy days. “It’s time for you to get up. It’s 1 p.m,” the owner says. The Pomeranian whines (presumably asking for a few more minutes). “Get out of bed,” he persists. We’re not sure how it ends, but we bet the pooch won the …

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