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Morris Animal Foundation Donates $1 Million for Studies for Canine Health

dog study donation

For the good of dogs everywhere, Morris Animal Foundation announced it awarded nearly $1 million in grants for 12 canine research projects. The studies will help veterinary scientists improve the health and well-being of dogs suffering from deadly and debilitating diseases, including cancer, spinal cord disease and gastrointestinal disorders. “Dogs are, as the saying …

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Is This Uber for Vets? It’s Coming To You Soon

mobile vet service

Routine vet visits are on the decline. The reason? It’s often a hassle to transport your dog to and from the vet. Sometimes this leads to expensive and preventable health issues. MVS Pet Care is the nation’s first professional franchise network of house call veterinarians. It offers general wellness care, and …

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Why Does Your Dog Sleep So Much?


There is no doubt in this statement that a dog is a man’s best friend. Many people all around the world are dog lovers. Dogs are amazing pets and not only pets they do become part of the family. They are always happy, playful, and cheerful and will always greet …

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6 Dog Care Tips You Need to Follow

dog care tips

  Caring for your dog isn’t just about feeding him every day. Just like with children, a dog requires love and affection, as well as other forms of grooming and care to help him grow up into a happy and healthy adult! So what are some tips for your dog …

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Benefits Of Organic Pet Food

Organic Pet Food

Organic Pet food is becoming increasingly popular. These days nearly everyone thinks about the health and well-being of their pets. Whenever they have an option, they do not hesitate to spend that little extra amount on a better alternative. Reasons for Opting for Organic pet food Consumers are changing their …

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