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How to Fix Dog’s Coat Damage From Summer

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After a long summer enjoying the great outdoors, many family pets are suffering from tangled coats, skin and paw irritation, and other problems. “Grooming is important to your pet’s health at all times of year,” says Traci Simo of at-home pet care provider Canine Company.  “That’s especially true now, when coats and …

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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

dog insurance, pet insurance, happy dog

  You’ve probably heard of pet insurance, and it sounds like a good idea, but you still have a few questions. Does it work exactly like normal insurance? What exactly does pet insurance cover? In this quick guide, we will give you everything you need to know about pet insurance …

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New Survey Confirms Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend

man's best friend, dog hugging

Relationships between dogs and their owners are reaching new levels – the 2016 Beneful® National Dog Week survey reveals that nearly all American dog owners surveyed consider their beloved pups a part of their family (97 percent) and one of their best friends (93 percent). In honor of National Dog Week (September 18-24), Beneful …

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Why Your Dog Isn’t Shitting

dog constipation, dog not pooping

As a dog owner, one of the many issues you may have to deal with is dog constipation. Your dog is eager to go outside, but after squatting you notice that he can’t poop. There are several causes of dog constipation and different ways to get him back to healthy …

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4 Myths About Dog Food

dog food myths, best dog food

It is very convenient to head to the local store and pick up food for a dog or puppy, but what is the healthiest option? TV commercials will have one believing the myths about grain free, gluten free dog food. Well intentioned dog owners may also believe cooking healthy for …

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Genetic Testing for Pets Catching Up

genetic testing dogs

(SAN ANTONIO, Aug. 9, 2016, AVMA Annual Convention)   Just like doctors can tell humans what diseases they are predisposed to, a vet will soon be able to tell how likely a dog is to develop heart disease, allergies or hip dysplasia. “Veterinarians are becoming savvier in understanding genetic predispositions,” said Dr. Jerold …

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Pet Expert Offers Safety Tips for Summer’s Dog Days

dog summer tips, dog sunburn

Humans aren’t the only ones that are affected by sweltering days. During heat warnings, we’re told to look out for elders and young children, but we should also be looking out for our doggies. “Our pets suffer from summer skin irritations, sunburn, dehydration and heat exhaustion, just as we do,” …

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Hacks for a Happier Dog

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We want to say THANK YOU for being a reader of Yo Doggy Dog. Since we started Yo Doggy Dog, we’ve had 2 major goals: To make your dog’s life better To make your life better as a dog owner or dog lover Whether posting hilarious dog videos or informative …

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