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Best Dry Food for Dogs: Pro Tips + 5 Options

best dry food for dogs

When it comes to dog food, the choices are overwhelming. Every brand claims to deliver the nutrients your dog needs. So which are actually healthy and how can you tell? In this post, we’re going over what to look for when shopping and options for the best dry food for …

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Dog Care: A Guide on Protecting Your Dog’s Nose

dog nose

We know what you’re thinking—caring for my dog’s nose? What can I possibly do to protect my dog’s nasal health? Aside from being one of the cutest features of your pooch’s face, they’re also the most important. Not only is their nose their main form of sense, but also the …

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4 Ways to Know If Your Dog Has Ringworm + Treatment Steps

dog ringworm

One of the most common problems in dogs is worms. From tapeworms to roundworms and hookworms, there’s several categories they call fall into. Ringworm; however, isn’t really a worm. The skin fungus infection is spread through direct contact, making it very contagious. Although it isn’t life-threatening, it does require veterinary …

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