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How To Make Your Puppy Take A Nap At Night

dog sleep

  Dog Sleeping Habits Not sure how long your dog should be sleeping for? Dogs should sleep for about twelve to fourteen hours per day. After being awake some period of time, dogs again start to sleep. You may have a wonder if that’s normal or if your dog is …

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Is Celery Good for Dogs?

is celergy good for dogs

Not all healthy foods are safe for dogs to eat. Is celery one of them? Dogs fed a complete and balanced diet won’t need to consume as many fruits and vegetables, but are acceptable for consumption if they’re consumed in moderation (meaning limited amounts). However, some foods that can be …

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How to Deal with Long Dog Nails: Trim Like A Pro!

best dog food

Are you having trouble with trimming your beloved dog’s nails? I know how challenging it can be sometimes. It can get hard, but you should never stop trimming your dog’s nails. It’s one of the most important parts of their grooming session; skipping it would only hurt your pet. You …

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