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PetSmart Vet Shares 5 Critical Doggy Teeth Tips

dog teeth

Dental disease affects more than 80% of adult cats and dogs, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. To keep your pet healthy and smiling, PetSmart’s resident veterinarian and pet care expert, Jennifer Freeman, DVM, shares advice on how to take a proactive approach to your pet’s dental health. Periodontal …

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4 Medicinal Mushrooms for Dogs That May Protect Against Cancer

dog medicinal mushrooms

Almost 50% of all dogs will develop cancer, according to the American Veterinary Medical Society. To protect dogs and cats against the threat of cancer, US researchers are looking to Asia and studying medicinal mushrooms that people in China and Japan have used for centuries to combat cancer and other life-threatening diseases. “Certain mushrooms contain agents …

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6 Must-Know NOW Tips to Avoid Dog Paw Pad Problems

Paw Pad Problems

To most fur parents, paw care simply means clipping your dog’s nails. Or wiping off that mud so it doesn’t track all over the home. But that’s actually just the start.   Dog Paw Problems It’s not just your dog’s internal health that matters—his paws can have problems too! Possible …

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Seizures in Dogs (Common Questions Pet Owners Ask)


Seizures and convulsions are the most notable neurological problems in dogs. For most pet owners, seeing their lovely canine friend having a seizure can be a worrying experience. Epilepsy is a long-term condition marked by recurring seizures, which occur unpredictably, causing further confusion for pet owners. The prevalence of epilepsy …

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