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Sportdog Gear: What It Is & Why Your Dog Needs It

Sportdog gear

  Ever heard of sport dog gear, but wasn’t exactly sure what it was? Sportdog gear are high-quality accessories made for working, sport and K9 dogs. Since these dogs have jobs, cheap dollar store collars and leashes just won’t cut it. Instead, these accessories are made to last.   Sportdog …

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Dogs Pummelling Over Cyclists: How to Stop It

dog biting, how to stop dog biting

Many vets and pet professionals across the state are offering tips for pet owners to reduce their risk of accidental dog bites. Become breed aware and adopt a breed conducive to your lifestyle. Dedicate time to spend with a potential pet before committing to an adoption. Exercise caution when introducing …

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Surprising Lost Pet Statistics

gps pet tracker

The national study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA revealed that the actual number of lost pet dogs and cats was much lower than what was assumed while the number of lost dogs reunited with its owners was higher than expected. The …

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Hospice Worker Seeks Help for Suffering Dog

A Berkley hospice worker is now caring for a patient a little too close to home: Her 11-year-old dog, who is suffering in pain, awaiting expensive treatment. After constant urinating, pain, loss of interest in food and depleted energy, Abby the lab-border collie mix had a urinary tract exam and …

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