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Healing Crystals for Dogs: Crystal Meanings

healing crystals for dogs, crystal meanings

Some people believe that crystals have natural properties that can help heal certain areas of life, both mentally and physically. While these people often use crystals on themselves, they can also be used on your furry friends. Even if you’re skeptical and don’t believe crystals can affect anyone, it can’t …

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Dogs VS. Cats: Which Pet Should You Get?

cat or dog, which pet should i get

Of the many animals that can be kept as pets, cats and dogs rank pretty high up the list. And why shouldn’t a furry creature capable of love, affection and friendship be a good choice, right? While it would be better to have both, it’s unfair to just do so …

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5 Basic Must-Teach Commands: Dog Training Denver

dog training, basic commands

  Getting a new puppy is exciting! Everything is new for you and her and every day she seems to be learning something different. But, what should she be learning? The level in which you’d like to train her is your choice as an owner, but there are a couple …

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The Best Unconventional Dog Names 2018

cute unique puppy names

Getting a new dog? We’ve got you covered. Your puppy is special and deserves more than just a stereotypical overused name. They deserve something cute that also is true to their personality. This year leave “Buddy,” “Bella,” and “Scoot” behind for some amazingly unique names. Naming your dog is likely …

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