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Are Golden Retrievers Good Hunting Dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers Good Hunting Dogs

Golden Retrievers are a great companion and hunting dogs. That’s why they’re one of the most popular dog breeds available today. They’re active, social, and have a great personality. Most dog owners find Golden Retrievers wonderful to work with as they can be trained easily and are naturally intelligent. But …

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Why Dogs Eat Socks and How to Stop Them

dog socks

Dogs do eat some of the strangest things and a nasty sock is no different. Your dog will consume it. In fact, what looks nasty and disgusting to you, looks edible to them. for this reason, do not blame your dog too much when you find one of your sock …

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Where to Leave Dog While on Vacation

where to leave dog while on vacation

Where to leave dog while on Vacation should not stress you. There are several places where you can leave your pet while on vacation. You can hire experts for the pet care while on vacation or even invite a close family member to look after the pet while you are …

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8 Reasons to Consider a Pet Stroller

best pet stroller

As you’re walking along the street, you pass a stroller and decide to peek at the cute baby inside. But it’s not a baby, it’s a dog. Pet strollers are becoming increasingly popular and you may be wondering their purpose. In this post, we’ll outline 8 reasons why strollers aren’t …

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Shar-Peis: Overview, Personality & Breeder Ty Dincer

ty dincer dog breeder

The Chinese Shar-Pei is a dog breed that has been around for hundreds of years. They have a distinct look: Short with loose and wrinkled skin. Ty Dincer is one option for finding a reputable Shar-Pei breeder.   Overview Height: 1’6”— 1’8” Weight: About 40 — 55 lbs. Life expectancy: 8 …

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