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What Everyone Ought to Know about Puppy Mills

puppy mill how to tell

    Buying a dog can be a risk: Are you supporting a knowledgeable breeder, or are you supporting an abusive puppy mill? Many times people choose to purchase dogs online on websites such as Craigslist. Here you can find the puppies for cheap, so it looks like a great deal. …

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7 Things to Do with Your Dog on Rainy Days

dog rain

The number one thing to do with your dog is to take walks or take him to the park; he loves it! But what do you do on rainy days? Your pooch will get bored sitting inside all day, but you don’t want to let him out. Cleaning up muddy …

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Tips to Avoid Park Play Time Injuries

dogs playing safe in dog park tips

Summertime is approaching; some would say it’s already here! While you’re getting ready to take your pup out on a fun adventure to the park, you should consider the risks and safety precautions you should take.   Nationwide, a company who provides pet insurance, released the most common pet injuries …

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How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost Per Month?

how much does dog insurance cost

When you get your puppy, he’s young and healthy. As he ages, unfortunately, he will likely start to get issues which will cost you. Dog medications can be very expensive and so can veterinary visits. You love your dog and will do anything you can to keep him happy and …

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