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10 Risky Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

Puppy Training mistakes

Every dog owner makes mistakes. Maybe you accidentally raise your voice a little too much. Maybe you give your pup too many treats one day. Or maybe you give into her cute puppy dog eyes. In any case, owning a new dog is a learning curve. Whether you have a …

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6 Things to Do With a Custom Dog Portrait

custom dog portraits

One big trend in the pet world right now are custom dog portraits. And it’s easy to understand why. Just like the finest Kings and Queens get their portrait painted and display it for decades to come, so can your pup. Whether it’s a drawing, painting or digital rendering, the …

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6 Reasons to Give Your Pet CBD Oil

cbd oil for dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an important component in the medicinal cannabis plant and offers physical changes by interacting with pets’ endocannabinoid system. There is an exponential growth of CBD popularity for both human beings and animals for numerous good reasons. Scientific studies have proven the benefits of using CBD for pets. …

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