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10 Dog Shirts That Make a Hell of a Statement

cool dog shirts

Patterned shirts,  fluffy dresses and cutesy costumes. Nah, sometimes you’d rather a shirt that has a little more to say. Whether your dog wants to tell off other canines–or the president–we have a shirt perfect for her personality. Here are 10 interesting dog shirts that make a statement.     …

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Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: Everything You Want to Know

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are an ancient hunting dog with origins in Portugal. They are medium sized breed with pointy ears and a long, short but sturdy body. They are typically either a yellowish or brown color, but can be black or grey, sometimes with white marks. To learn more about the …

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Hands Down the Most Ridiculous Dog Names You Can Find

ridiculous dog names

If you’re wondering what to name your new dog, there’s a ton of ideas—but none like these. The names in this post are hilarious and ridiculous, but we don’t necessarily recommend these names.   What to Consider when Selecting a Dog Name How do you want your dog to seem? …

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9 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You Too”

signs dog loves me

You love your dog, but how do you know that your dog loves you? There are so many ways dogs can show affection and care, even if they can’t speak. In this post, we’ll outline 9 ways that your dog says “I love you.”   Wagging Tail A wagging tail …

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