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Dog Anxiety? Try These New Spotify Playlists + Podcasts Aimed to Soothe Pups


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An international survey conducted by audio streaming platform Spotify recently revealed that the majority of pet owners sing to and dance with their pets.

In fact, 71% of pet owners play music for their pets and 8 in 10 pet believe their pets like music.

These stats are the inspiration behind Spotify’s new “pawfect” playlists, which are created specifically with pets and pet owners in mind. This includes playlists and a podcast designed to soothe anxiety in pets who are left home alone. Most pet owners believe that music not only relieves their pets’ stress, but believe it can also boost their pets’ happiness and keep their pets company.

The playlists are designed to match different pet personalities with options for not only cats and dogs, but also for iguanas, birds, and hamsters.

U.S. adults with pets in their home are 12% more likely than average to either have used Spotify in the last month or to have Spotify as a pay subscription, according to Packaged Facts’ review of MRI-Simmons survey data.

The trend is most pronounced among adults who live with dogs, cats, and reptiles. Gen Z adults (ages 18-24) and Millennials (ages 25-39) who live with pets are more than 90% more likely to use Spotify compared to U.S. adults overall.

Not only are Americans under age 40 more likely to use digital streaming services such as Spotify in general, but these young adults also important to the pet industry overall. Combined, Millennials and Gen X adults account for 53% of new dog adopters and 52% of new cat adopters.


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