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Dog Gets Puppy for Christmas: 3 Adorable and Heartwarming Videos

dog gets puppy for christmas

You always hear about kids getting puppies for Christmas, but what about dogs?

Dogs would like to receive a puppy too! We’ve compiled the cutest videos of dogs being gifted puppies.

Remember: Puppies are not just gifts, they’re lifelong commitments. If you’re planning on getting a puppy for a human, make sure they can actually make the commitment.


Dog Unwraps Puppy for Christmas Present

Watch this golden retriever’s tail wag furiously as he opens a box to discover a puppy!

Dog Gets Puppy Christmas Surprise

The owner gathers around tons and tons of toy dogs. The dog just knocks them over, immediately recognizing their fake. Then, he moves into the living room and sees that there’s a REAL puppy waiting for him!


Dog Gets a Puppy for Christmas

Watch this dog peak into the box where her new baby sibling is!


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