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Hacks for a Happier Dog

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happy dog hacks

We want to say THANK YOU for being a reader of Yo Doggy Dog.

Since we started Yo Doggy Dog, we’ve had 2 major goals:

  • To make your dog’s life better
  • To make your life better as a dog owner or dog lover

Whether posting hilarious dog videos or informative articles, we’ve noticed how much our readers have been sharing and liking our content, especially on Facebook. We see you! And we want to give back.

We’ve started a newsletter to provide you with more content more regularly (but not too regularly, so it’s not annoying).

When you sign up for our pawesome newsletter, you will receive a FREE dogument on 10 hacks to make your dog happier. And who doesn’t wanna make their dog happier?


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The world can seem like a dark place sometimes. And life can be a little daunting. We feel you and that’s why we exist. A tiny puppy smiling can lighten your heart. Simple tips can lengthen your dog's life. We want to make you smile and help you and your canine live life to the fullest with pawesome content. This blog post may contain affiliate links which may reward us if you make a purchase using it. We use these funds to keep this site and feed the pup :)

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