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Smartest Dog Masters Simon Says

Some of us dog owners can’t even get our dogs to “stay,” “sit” or “shake a paw.” But this owner has trained his dog to do much more.

After the owner throws the ball, he entices his dog with a game similar to Simon Says.

“Okay, go slowly.” The dog moves forward a few steps.

“Just a little bit more.” The dog takes one step closer.

“Okay, now back up.” The dog takes a few steps backwards, moving away from the coveted prize.

This little game goes on for a while until the dog has his nose touching the ball, but has enough self-restraint to let it be.

“Okay, now when I say 3, you can get the ball.”

“1, 2.”

“11, 25.” The dog remains still.

“3.” The dog finally has captured the ball.

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