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Are Dog Shock Collars Morally Right? | Opinion


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This opinion piece was written by a Yo Doggy Dog guest poster.

Lots of people want to train their dogs and keep them tame, so they will always remain obedient no matter the situation. There are a lot of different reasons and mentality to have for such a thing but is it morally right to shock your dog? This is what I will cover in more detail below.

There are lots of different applications for shock collars some people use them when walking with there pet and some people use them as a wireless dog fence to create a wireless boundary.

Shocking your pet is cruel in some sense. But in my own opinion and judgment, I think it is best that you try it on yourself.

Yes, you read that correctly shock yourself and see how you feel. At least then when you would shock your dog you know the sensation that they are feeling.

If you are comfortable with it, then you shouldn’t have any problem using it on them. I have done it myself, the shocking sensation is similar to a pins and needles type feeling and really isn’t that bad. I would say it is slightly uncomfortable which should be enough to get your dog to understand your commands without making them feel a lot of pain or something similar.

Though just to be safe for starters always start on the low shock option and work up from there need be. Often for a lot of dogs especially smaller ones you won’t need to use the higher power levels.

So, to answer the overall question of is it morally right. I personally am very comfortable with it now myself that I have tested and used it for my own experience. Before I was questioning it more and being a little more skeptical and that’s understandable for someone who hasn’t tried it themselves.


For some dog’s other methods of keeping them obedient simply won’t work and using a shock collar will be the right option moving forward for you. Often, with a lot of dogs, after using the shock collar for a while they will start to know and learn their boundaries and respect their owner a lot more. In fact, often after a few months of use, you may not even to use the shock collar on a regular basis because your pet will of become much more obedient which really can be a very rewarding experience to see the transition from one kind of dog to another.


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