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Dog Swings From Tree Rope

Never say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! That certainly isn’t the case with this Pitbull.

Some dogs love fetching, some love chew toys, others love hanging and swinging from a rope attached to a tree. Hey, if it keeps him entertained, why not?

In the hilarious video, the owner prompts the dog to jump upwards to the rope. After a few attempts, the dog is successful. He bites the rope and starts to hang, swinging from side to side. This dog sure knows how to move his hips! And his hips don’t lie… he’s a true acrobat! He starts swinging in rapid circular motions.

He finally lets go and twirls to the ground.

We really hope this doesn’t hurt the dog’s teeth. Our better suggestion? Give him a hula hoop; he’s sure to master that too 😉

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