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Essential Oils for Dog Hot Spots: Ones You Need To Try



essential oils for dog hot spots

Hot spots are red and moist lesions generally found on a dog’s hip, chest area or head. Another term for them is “acute moist dermatitis.”

You may notice hot spots growing quickly because dogs tend to irritate the skin even more by licking or chewing the area.

Some people have reported that using essential oils have helped their dogs heal their hot spots. If you want to try it out for your own dog, keep reading.


Symptoms of Dog Hot Spots

Symptoms of hot spots include:

  • Itchy and painful spot of skin
  • Licking or chewing spot of skin
  • Inflammation or redness of skin
  • Hair loss on patch
  • Moist and matted fur
  • Scabs or oozing skin


What To Do

Anything that causes a dog to lick or scratch a spot can cause a hot spot. To stop hot spots, you’ll want to determine what is causing your dog to touch his skin. This can be allergies, bites, skin infections, stress or a lack of grooming. If you think your dog has a hot spot, you should see your vet, who will help you determine the cause.  Depending on the cause, the treatment may vary from medication to an allergy diagnosis. If you plan on using essential oil to treat your dog’s hot spots, make sure it’s okay with your vet first.


Essential Oils for Dog Hot Spots

There are a few essential oils that may help dog hot spots.

  • Oregano oil– Has antiseptic properties and helps kill bacterial infections
  • Coconut oil– Although coconut isn’t considered an essential oil, it can help treat atopic dermatitis and can kill yeast.
  • Lavender– May act as a natural astringent
  • Chamomile– May help heal the wound


How to Use Essential Oils for Dog Hot Spots

Before using any essential oil on your dog, we recommend that you read our safety tips here. You must use the right essential oil and take certain precautions

If your vet has okayed the use of essential oils for your dog’s hot spots, there’s’ a few ways you can use them.

One blogger says she’s mixed one drop of oregano oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil and spread it over the affected area once a day.

Other people report mixing the essential oils and diluting them with water to make a DIY mist.

Check the hot spots to see if they’ve improved, worsened or stayed the same. If they’ve worsened, discontinue essential oil use and see your vet.


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