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How To Get Your Dog to Live Way Longer

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Just like any other member of the family, you want your dog to live the longest and healthiest life possible. Here are a few life-lengthening dog tips


Just like humans, dogs also need exercise. This usually comes naturally as most dogs beg to go outside and play, so make sure you map out time for a little fetch every day! Into their older ages, dogs may need a little more encouragement to exercise. It may sound crazy, but there are also inside exercise machines created especially for dogs, such as a dog treadmill and a dog hamster wheel.


A Great Diet

Cheap dog foods are usually cheap for a reason and this includes many well-known brands. Opt for a natural and nutritious dog food instead. This will contribute to a shiny coat, intestinal health and healthy joints. Options include California Natural’s Chicken Meal or Diamond Naturals’ Lamb formula LINKS.


Oral Hygiene

Just because dogs have stronger teeth doesn’t mean they don’t need care. Oral hygiene for dogs can be made simple by purchasing treats that help clean their teeth. An even better alternative would be to purchase a dog tooth brush and use a tooth paste flavored for dogs.


Vet Check-ups

Just as you take your child for annual check ups, you should also take your dog. Sometimes medical issues can be present but undetectable by an owner. Nipping some issues in the butt can result in cheaper vet care in the long run and a healthier dog.


Keeping Track of Your Pet

This may seem like a really obvious point, but many pets get lost or struck by vehicles every day. Always supervising your pet while playing outdoors is the ultimate way to avoid premature heartbreak.

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