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Healing Crystals for Dogs: Crystal Meanings


Healing Crystals for Dogs

Some people believe that crystals have natural properties that can help heal certain areas of life, both mentally and physically. While these people often use crystals on themselves, they can also be used on your furry friends.

Even if you’re skeptical and don’t believe crystals can affect anyone, it can’t hurt to try!

This guide contains crystals and crystal meanings that you can use to spiritually heal your dog. If you want, you can combine a few for the purpose you need.

Remember that crystals are not a replacement for a vet or any other professional advice. If necessary, please see evidence-based treatments alongside using crystals.

Note: Crystals can be choking hazards, so do not to leave loose crystals around your dog (especially puppies).


Crystal Meanings


  • Birthstone of February
  • Known to ease, relax and destress
  • May help with separation anxiety or anxious dogs
  • May help with pain
  • May alms nerves
  • Good “general” healer


Clear Quartz

  • Known to decrease negative energy
  • May help improve communication with your dog
  • May strengthen immune system
  • Said to amplify the power of other crystals
  • Good “general healer”




  • Said to be detoxifying
  • Known to provide protection
  • May be calming
  • May help digestive issues
  • May help respiratory issues


Rose Quartz

  • May help rescued dogs. That’s because it’s known as a love and compassion stone.
  • May help dogs be more accepting of change (ex. New cat or baby)
  • May help heal injuries and wounds
  • May help stress



  • May improve mood
  • Commonly used when seeking crystals for confidence and self-esteem
  • Said to help with shy or timid dogs


If you’re not sure which crystal to choose, you can buy a variety of crystals. One by one, place a crystal in your hand and see which one your dog responds to best.


Healing Crystals: How to Use Them on Your Dog

If you want to see if crystals can help your dog, you can choose to use them in a variety of ways:

  • Attach (or glue) them to their collar
  • Attach a few to their leash
  • Place the crystal under their sleeping spot (BUT make sure they can’t find and swallow the crystal when you’re not looking)
  • Infuse your dog’s water with the crystal by placing the crystal in their water bowl for a few hours (note: make sure the bowl is out of their reach while it’s “infusing” and choose a crystal that is tumbled and won’t disintegrate)


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