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Heated Outdoor Dog Houses for Shoppers Launch in NYC. A Trend?


heated dog house

DogSpot, a NYC-based pet-tech startup is providing a hi-tech sidewalk sanctuary for dogs.

It’s designed to provide a safe, warm spot for dogs to hang out while their owners run quick errands.

It normally costs $0.30/min but is now free for shoppers to use, courtesy of Purina.

Shoppers can use the app-connected houses as a safer and smarter solution when shopping with their dogs, rather than leaving them in the car or tied up on the street.

All DogSpot houses are temperature-controlled with heated floors, A/C, puppy cam, locking, shatterproof door, and fresh-air ventilation to ensure a comfortable, clean, and safe stay for your dog. A vet-grade UVC light activates between each use to sanitize the house.

“Running errands together creates a great bonding and socializing opportunity for dogs and their owners,” said Erica Wehmeier, team sales leader at Purina.

“By partnering with DogSpot and Meijer, Purina is happy to help shoppers provide a clean, safe and comfortable space for their dogs to wait at Bridge Street Market so they don’t have to worry about their pets while they shop or feel guilty about leaving them at home.”

In addition to free usage at DogSpot, DogSpot members will get exclusive perks inside the DogSpot app like discounts and free trials on Purina products.

“Working with Purina is a dream come true for us at DogSpot. Purina is constantly innovating to bring the best nutrition to our pets at home and now they’re going a step further to provide the best in innovative pet care outside of the home, too,” says DogSpot’s Co-founder and CEO Chelsea Brownridge.

Bridge Street Market customers can easily access the houses through the DogSpot app, available for both iPhone and Android users, where they can view the locations in their area, and even reserve a house 15 minutes prior to arrival. The app also provides a live “puppy cam” of their dog inside the house and house temperature.



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