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Hilarious Video Shows Cool Dog Driving Moped


There hasn’t been a more accurate video to describe the term “cool dog.”

In the video above, a golden retriever drives a moped. We’re not kidding—he actually drives it.

The dog holds onto the handles, orange sunglasses on, tongue hanging and looking cool as ever.

His owner sits on the back, not even assisting the pup.

His owner starts to hold on tight to the dog as they travel at a fast speed through a city street. The pup’s hair blows in the wind as he smiles at his newfound freedom.

His owner gives cheering fellow motorists a thumbs up, as if to say, “Don’t worry guys! My dog does this all the time!”

We’re thinking the pup just got his learner’s permit and needed to test out the city streets with his owner before making an adventure on his own. Parents teaching their children how to drive can be terrified at times, but this dog? He has it all under control. His owner smiles, not showing a worry at all.

It’s a weird world when teaching a dog how to drive becomes easier than teaching a teenager. Perhaps we should just train our dogs to drive our children to soccer practice or outings with friends.

“Mom, I need to go to the mall. All my friends are meeting up in 15 minutes,” your daughter demands.


“Don’t worry, hunny, I’ve already told Buddy to drive you, my favorite show is coming on and I just can’t miss it,” you reply.

Buddy jumps up from his dog sofa and grabs the car keys off the kitchen counter. He runs to the car, puts on his favorite tunes, and delivers your daughter to the mall just in time. Everyone is happy.

So, that may be a little unrealistic. Back to the video…

People on the street laugh and throw their hands up in excitement.

The golden retriever continues cruising; he’s too cool to acknowledge his fans.

“I hope that chocolate lab I’ve been checking out sees me. I’ll show her how much of a bad boy I really am!” he’s likely thinking.

We bet when he got home, he logged onto DogMail and sent all of his crushes the video. Subject line: “Come Take A Ride on My Moped, Ladies.”

Pretty soon, all the cute doggies are barking at his door.

This dog has a talent for sure! Maybe he will take up go karting, become a motorcycle stuntdog, or even try his tail at NASCAR driving. The need for speed is real!

Wherever he takes his talent, we hope that maybe next time he wears a helmet. At one point during the video, he leans too much towards one side and almost takes his paws off the handle bar. He definitely needs a few more lessons before he has fully mastered driving.


We don’t encourage that you sit your dog in your car and watch him go. After all, that didn’t work out too well in a situation earlier this month.


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