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The Cheapest Dog Breed To Insure — You Won’t Believe It!


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Ever wonder how much your dog would cost to insure?

If you didn’t know, the cost of dog insurance is dependent on multiple factors: Your dog’s age, pre-existing conditions and breed.

Since certain breeds are genetically pre-disposed to specific health conditions, your insurance quote highly depends on this factor.

Luckily, top10petinsurance.com.au documented pet insurance prices based on the most popular breeds in Australia. To compare the breeds, they chose a one-year Ultimate Life Cover policy. The dogs, across all breeds, were compared based on being 5 years old and living in Victoria, Australia.

Interestingly, just based on breed, the insurance coverage can increase or decrease by $2,000. The most expensive breed to insure was $1,000 a year, whereas the most expensive was $3,000 a year.


Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Insure

The top three most expensive dog breeds to get a one-year insurance plan for include the following:

  • Newfoundland at $3, 043.83 AUS
  • Shar-Pei at $3, 043.83 AUS
  • Great Dane $2, 424.61 AUS



Least Expensive Dog Breeds to Insure

The top three least expensive dog breeds to get a one-year insurance plan for include the following:

  • Cardigan Corgi at $926.24 AUS
  • Jack Russell Terrier $990.98 AUS
  • Australian Terrier $990.98 AUS

For the full list of breeds and their insurance cost, click here.



Tips on Lowering Dog Insurance


Insure Early

All of the prices above are based on if you were to insure the breeds at 5-years-old. However, if you insured these breeds as puppies, the price would drop significantly. Many people wait until their dog has medical problems before they decide to shop around for insurance options. They are afraid that since their dog is currently healthy, they will be wasting money. In reality, you could save money in the long-run.

Insuring your dog before he or she has any issues will benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, the younger the dog, the lower the price, in general. In addition, a puppy is less likely to have pre-existing conditions than a full-grown dog. This will also lower your yearly insurance.



Do not go with the first insurance company you find on Google or the first company your friend recommends. Using comparison charts is a very effective way to find the insurance plan that’s right for you and your dog. You’re not only searching for the lowest price, but you should also be looking at what is included in each insurance plan and what you and your dog are likely to use. Are reduced costs offered for vaccines and routine procedures and exams? Can you go to any veterinarian? Does it cover costly therapies? What about dental care? Is accidental death covered? Are there premium coverage options, such as boarding fees, if your pet is hospitalized?

If you’ve never bought pet insurance before, it can be confusing. Do not be afraid to call different companies and ask questions.


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