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Kind Strangers Rescue Pets in Alberta Wildfire

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It’s being described by many as a Western-Canada apocalypse.

The raging wildfire across Fort McMurray, Alberta have displaced 88,000 residents since Tuesday. Families’ home have burned down to rubble; some weren’t even able to go back to save important belongings or pets. 1,600 structures have been affected, and with no end of the fire in sight, even more buildings are being threatened.

While escaping from the flames, many residents had to leave behind pets because they could not be accommodated in evacuation centers. The Fort McMurray SPCA was evacuated Wednesday and had finally gotten the clear to go back in Friday afternoon. But generous acts from strangers have helped pets who were lucky enough to make it out.

One man said that he went into a pet store in Edmonton, where he had to evacuate, to buy supplies for his dog. To his surprise, free bins of items were set aside for evacuee pets. When he tried to pay for other supplies…

A Stranger anonymously paid for everything.


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The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and the Calgary Humane Society requested 900 crates and received more than enough in donations.

fort mercury fire alberta

Others have generously donated dog food and other pet supplies.

fort mercury fire alberta


Kind strangers across the border are opening up their wallets to help out pets, too.



People have been heading into the city to search for and rescue animals.









Dogs are even being rescued by helicopter



Many people have stepped up and have offered to house and foster pets.



Evacuees who left pets at home can call:

117111‌• 780-743-7000 Pulse
117111‌• 780-788-4200 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo


Alberta veterinary practices have also stepped up to offer assistance.

Facebook album has been set up to help identify pets found in Fort McMurray and another to post photos of missing pets.

form was developed to help collect information about pets left in homes or pets who evacuated with their owners but need food or supplies.

Click here to donate to the Canadian Red Cross to assist those people and pets who have been devastated by what is the largest fire evacuation in Alberta’s history.

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