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New Survey Confirms Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend


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Relationships between dogs and their owners are reaching new levels  the 2016 Beneful® National Dog Week survey reveals that nearly all American dog owners surveyed consider their beloved pups a part of their family (97 percent) and one of their best friends (93 percent). In honor of National Dog Week (September 18-24), Beneful and its Friends of Beneful partners nationwide are helping dogs and their owners celebrate a happy and healthy week together by sharing inspiring personal stories, tips and giveaways online.

Survey Findings

Does your dog understand you? Do you both appreciate an afternoon snuggle? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s what surveyed dog owners had to say about their relationships with their four-legged friends:

  • A Relationship Like No Other. Nearly all dog owners surveyed agree their dogs are part of their family (97 percent) and one of their best friends (93 percent).
  • You Get Me. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of dog owners surveyed agree their dogs understand them like no human could, up from 58 percent in a 2015 survey.
  • Strike a Pose. More than half of dog owners surveyed (54 percent) agree their dogs love having their pictures taken.
  • What Makes Fido Happy? According to surveyed dog owners, the activities they agree make their dogs happiest include:

1.   Mealtime (95 percent)
2.   Going on walks (93 percent)
3.   Eating dog treats (93 percent)
4.   Chewing a dog bone (88 percent)
5.   Snuggling (85 percent)
6.   Riding in the car (78 percent)
7.   Playing fetch (77 percent)
8.   Going to the dog park (72 percent)
9.   Running/jogging with someone (71 percent)
10. Being brushed/groomed (63 percent)

Healthful. Flavorful. Beneful.

Topping the list is the moment food hits the bowl, with nearly all dog owners surveyed agreeing that their dogs are happiest during mealtime. Beneful helps keep dogs healthy and happy by offering a variety of dry and wet dog foods that have a perfect balance of wholesome ingredients, quality nutrition and great taste with a variety of textures. The Beneful team recently released new recipes across its dry food line, now offering beef and chicken dry dog food recipes with real beef or chicken as the first ingredient, all with the same great Beneful taste that keeps millions of dogs running back to the bowl day after day.

“At Beneful, we know all about the strong bond shared by dogs and owners, as well as the joys that relationship brings,” said Kristen Edler, of the Beneful team and best friend to her mixed breed rescue named Frigo. “We’re dog owners and lovers too and are proud to play such an important role in keeping our best friends on four legs healthy and happy – not just during National Dog Week, but 365-days a year.”


2016 Beneful National Dog Week Survey Methodology

The 2016 Beneful National Dog Week Survey presents the findings of an online survey conducted by Toluna from September 1-5, 2016 among a sample of 1,166 American dog owners, ages 18+. The margin of error for a sample of this size is ± 3% at a 95% level of confidence. 


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