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Owner Stuffs Dead Dog and Makes her Insta-Famous

After four years of being dead, Jack Russell Pheobe is now famous.

Mitch from Portland, Oregon took his beloved dead dog to the taxidermist. But it didn’t stop there. He wanted to integrate the stuffed dog into his daily life… just like a living dog.

The dog has relived Christmas, posing next to a tree. Went into the cold weather for a drive. Played with other dogs. Begged for Thanksgiving turkey. She even went for a brew at a few bars, Mitch reveals in the interview above.

Life beyond the grave is one hell of a party for this dog.

stuffed dead dog

stuffed dead dog

stuffed dead dog

Can’t believe it? Watch the interview about where Mitch explains why.

Wanna check out more creepy/crazy pics? Check out Mitch’s Instagram @MyDeadDogAndMe

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