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Pawsitively Punny and Funny Christmas Dog Quotes for Your Cards

Funny Christmas Dog Quotes

Holiday cards can be super boring.

One way to make them a little more exciting is to use puns.

More specifically, funny dog puns.

In this post, we’re brainstorming funny Christmas dog quotes you can write in your Christmas and holiday cards.

Of course, these phrases would make even more sense if there was a dog on the front of the card.


Christmas Dog Quotes (Funny)

  • Seasons Grrrrreatings
  • Have a Grrrreat holiday
  • Have a Grrreat Christmas
  • Have a Pawsative and happy holiday
  • Have a Pawesome holiday
  • Have a Pawesome Christmas
  • Have a Pawsitively joyful howliday
  • Have a Pawsitively joyful Christmas.
  • Hope you enjoy the treats of the holiday season. Bone Appetit!
  • Yappy Howlidays!
  • Taking this Oppawtunity to say Happy Howlidays.
  • Reindeers are just dogs with antlers (accompanied by a photo of your dog in an antler hat)
  • Dachshund through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh…
  • Santa Paws
  • Santa’s Yelper
  • Fleas Navidad
  • Feliz Navidog
  • Merry Pitmas (pitbull)
  • Dog bless you.
  • Bah Humpug
  • Just gotta Paws and wish you happy howlidays!
  • Bark the Herald, Angels Sing!
  • Have a Doggone great Christmas!
  • Deck the Paws
  • Pugs and kisses on this Christmas.
  • Wishing you an elfing Merry Christmas (accompanies by a photo of your dog in an elf costume)
  • Have a Doggone great holiday!
  • Happy Howlidays!
  • Happy Holidogs!
  • Happy New Years! Raise the Ruff!


How to Funny Christmas Dog Quote Cards DIY

Funny Christmas Dog Quotes for Your Cards

Since it can be hard to find premade cards with funny Christmas dog quotes, you can consider making your own!

Steps to DIY Your own funny Christmas dog quotes

  1. Get your camera or camera phone out and take some Christmas photos of your dog. You can choose to dress shim up in a dog Christmas costume, a festive collar or simply your dog as his natural self.
  2. Make a card online using your photo and print out the final version
  3. OR print out your photo and glue it to a handmade card

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