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31 Fun Christmas Dog Quotes and Sayings for Holiday Cards


Funny Christmas Dog Quotes

Whether your purchase cards or make your own, everyone has the same problem: What do you write?

Writing “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” before signing your name is standard—but a little boring.

A sentence or two extra shows thoughtfulness and also helps fill out the card (I can’t be the only one who’s bugged by blank space on the cards they write).

We’re here to help with some dog-related cute and funny Christmas quotes for cards.

Of course, these phrases would make even more sense if there was a dog on the front of the card.


Christmas Dog Quotes (Funny)

  • Seasons Grrrrreatings
  • Have a Grrrreat holiday
  • Have a Grrreat Christmas
  • Have a Pawsative and happy holiday
  • Have a Pawesome holiday
  • Have a Pawesome Christmas
  • Have a Pawsitively joyful howliday
  • Have a Pawsitively joyful Christmas.
  • Hope you enjoy the treats of the holiday season. Bone Appetit!
  • Yappy Howlidays!
  • Taking this Oppawtunity to say Happy Howlidays.
  • Reindeers are just dogs with antlers (accompanied by a photo of your dog in an antler hat)
  • Dachshund through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh…
  • Santa Paws
  • Raise the Ruff! It’s the Holidays!
  • Santa’s Yelper
  • Fleas Navidad
  • Feliz Navidog
  • Feliz Naughty-Dog
  • Merry Pitmas (pitbull)
  • Rudolph the red-nosed retriever!
  • Dog bless you.
  • Bah Humpug
  • Just gotta Paws and wish you happy howlidays!
  • Bark the Herald, Angels Sing!
  • Have a Doggone great Christmas!
  • Deck the Paws
  • Pugs and kisses on this Christmas.
  • Wishing you an elfing Merry Christmas (accompanied by a photo of your dog in an elf costume)
  • May your holiday be filled with tons of treats (accompanied by a photo of your dog with a treat)
  • I made you Christmas cookies but I ate them all (accompanied by a photo of your dog eating a cookie)
  • Have a Doggone great holiday!
  • Happy Howlidays!
  • Happy Holidogs!
  • Happy New Years! Raise the Ruff!


How to Funny Christmas Dog Quote Cards DIY

Funny Christmas Dog Quotes for Your Cards

Since it can be hard to find premade cards with funny Christmas dog quotes, you can consider making your own!

Steps to DIY Your own funny Christmas dog quotes

  1. Get your camera or camera phone out and take some Christmas photos of your dog. You can choose to dress him up in a dog Christmas costume, a festive collar or simply your dog as his natural self.
  2. Make a card online using your photo and print out the final version
  3. OR print out your photo and glue it to a handmade card



Tips for Taking Dog Christmas Photos for Cards

If you’re making your own dog Christmas cards, taking a photo of your dog can be the hardest part. Although every pup is adorable, not all of them are great at taking photos. Some look away for the camera while others just can’t stay still. Here’s our tips to help you get a great photo:

  • Use treats. Yep, bribery does work. Use small training treats instead of large treats so you can give him many to encourage him. Let him sniff the treat and make sure he sees where you place it. Place it near the camera, either on top of it or next to it. Knowing it’s there, he’ll stare and it and into the camera.
  • Teach basic training. Taking good photos is going to be a lot easier if your doggo knows the words “sit” and “stay.” For example, when you position him and say “stay,” if he knows a treat follows almost every command, he’s likely to listen. This way, he won’t be running around or looking away in the middle of a shot.
  • Tire him. Your doggo is a lot less likely to keep moving if he’s already drained of his energy. Plan an activity before your Christmas card dog photoshoot. This could be a long walk, an intense game of tug-of-war, or anything else that gets him physically and mentally stimulated.
  • Take many photos. You can’t take 10 or even 20 photos and expect there’s going to be a winner. It can take many shots to get the best one. Trust me, it always takes me longer than expected.
  • Take a break. Going with the point above, since dog photoshoots can take a lot of time, take breaks between to allow your dog to relax. If you want several different types of photos, consider breaking the photoshoot up into 2 or more days.


Card Making Supplies for Dog Quotes

If you’re making your own dog Christmas cards, here’s some things you may want to get started:

funny christmas quotes for cards

funny christmas quotes for cards


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