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What People Foods Your Dog Should Stay Away From


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Today dogs are not only pets, for many people these four-pawed friends have become valuable members of the family.

However, it does not mean that you can treat your little buddy with the same food you eat, as this may lead to some serious health problems. As you may know, we become responsible for what we are tamed that is why when you have a dog, you should first think of what foods are dangerous and must be removed from your dog’s ration. Here we have collected a list of 7 people foods suggested by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, which are considered to be poisonous for your pet. The common foods people enjoy eating but should avoid feeding their dogs are:


If you do not want to affect your dog’s health, then you should never give it an avocado as it is the most dangerous fruit for your four-legged friend. It is rich in veggie fat and toxins, amidst which is persin – a fungicidal toxin, which may be a cause of some serious issues with heart and pulmonary system


Although the hazardous toxin found in grapes is still unknown, feeding your pet with them may become a reason of kidney failure. That is why you should better avoid including grapes into your dog’s ration and buy other dog treats to stay safe.


Dogs like chocolate a lot, but that does not mean you can praise them with a bar of it. Methylxanthines found in cocoa beans, which chocolate is made of can cause very bad conditions for your little friend including vomiting, diarrhea, urination and, in some cases, even death. Unlike for people, dark chocolate is a way more dangerous than milk or even white chocolate as it contains the highest level of methylxanthines agents.

Raw/undercooked meat/bones and eggs

You may think that feeding your dog with raw bones is great and healthy and will only benefit it because the animals eat them regularly living in the wild, but it is not true. Eating bones, a domestic pet can easily choke on or it may provoke some grave injuries caused by a bone splinter. Raw and undercooked meat, bones and eggs may also be the carriers of such bacteria as Salmonella and E.coli, which are hazardous for both humans and pets. Besides, raw eggs contain avidin – enzyme that reduces the absorption of vitamin B that may cause problems with the dog’s skin and coat.


These common vegetables, which we consume daily, are also dangerous for cats and dogs and can provoke gastrointestinal irritation and toxicity if consumed on a regular basis. Besides, it contains trisulfides, which destroy red blood cells and can provoke anemia.


Although consuming citrus fruit may cause only minor stomach upset, if digested in great amounts, it may lead to irritation or even a central nervous system depression because of the high level of citric acid and essential oils they consists of.

Salt and salty food

Salt is not only people’s sworn enemy, but pets’ as well. If consumed in large amounts, salt may provoke urination and excessive thirst for your pet, and even lead to a sodium ion poisoning. That is why you should by no means avoid giving your pet crisps, popcorn and even dog snacks with a high percentage of salt.



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