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Pet Valu DOUBLES Funds for Fort McMurray to 200K


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“A lovely lady came into our store today and stood near our adoptable kitten Mama.  When I asked how I could help, she said she was just looking and then proceeded to tell me of the heartache she is going through.

She was able to grab her family and her dogs but was forced to leave her cats. She is very worried about their wellbeing and unsure if they are OK. I told her that she was welcome to hold Mama. With tears rolling down her cheeks she gave her a good snuggle and I let her know she is welcome to come by anytime to see Mama again. She left with lighter spirits. It is amazing how a little cuddle from an animal can change your feelings. Even more amazing to witness.”

-Alicia, Pet Valu St. Albert


The raging wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta has destroyed many houses and has left many pets stranded. To aid the people and pets affected by the fire Pet Valu immediately donated $100,000. Now, franchisees, stores and customers have topped that amount, bringing the total donation to over $200,000.

According to the company’s press release, 100% of donations collected in store are being donated to the Red Cross and the SPCA. Pet Valu’s Alberta teams have been mobilizing trucks of food to help families and pets of all kinds in need.

“Pet Valu has been working to get product donations where they are needed the most.  The company has transported pet food, treats, and crates, litter, toys and other accessories to where they are needed,” says Tom McNeely, CEO.


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