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How To Prevent Arthritis In Small and Large Dogs


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Joint pain is one of the most common problems in aging dogs.

While it may not be entirely possible to avoid, you can certainly help your pup slow down the aging process.


Weight Control

If your dog is overweight, it could cause an unnecessary amount of stress on the joints. Pay attention to the breed’s ideal weight and adjust food intake and exercise accordingly.


Regular Exercise

When we say exercise, we don’t mean cram it all into one long play session a week. Instead, plan out some time each day to get your dog moving. Not only will this help prevent joint pain, but he will also be happy to spend more fun time with you 🙂



Just like humans, dogs can also benefit from supplements. Omega-3 can decrease joint inflammation and can be found in pill form or in natural form in some fishes. Similarly, many owners choose to give their dogs glucosamine in an attempt to avoid or decrease arthritis pain. Other herbs may be helpful too. For example, Tumeric Supplements may be given to dogs to reduce inflammation. There’s specific blends made for canines but some people may choose to use a standard brand. If that’s your choice, make sure the blend doesn’t contain any ingredients unsafe for dogs. Also, keep in mind that the dosage for a human will be a lot higher than that of a dog, so adjust accordingly.


Avoid Strenuous Activity

Getting ramps and steps for a dog doesn’t mean they’re lazy; it means you’re smart. Jumping onto beds, sofas and into cars may seem harmless now, but over the years it can build up to do real damage to small dog’s joints. Over-exercising both small and large dogs as puppies can lead to injury, which will become evident in the form of joint pain in older years.


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