Self-Dispensing Doggo Toothbrush Toy

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♥ Make Doggo Brush His Own Teeth
♥ Insert Tasty Pet Toothpaste so He Uses it as a Toy (self-dispensing)
♥ No Toothpaste? Push in Tiny Treats Instead
♥ Fast-Working Bristles Scrapes Plaque as Doggo Plays
♥ Sweet Smelling to Attract Pup
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Let’s get this straight: I am not brushing my dog’s teeth every day.


It’s a struggle every single time.


My pup hates when I stick the brush in his mouth (even with good-tasting toothpaste).


The fight usually ends with me frustrated, my dog upset and…


His breath still smells like he’s been licking his butt (which he probably has been).


That’s why I love this toy disguised as a toothbrush.


Simply insert pet-friendly toothpaste and let the bristles scrape plaque while he chews.


Alternatively, you can insert tiny treats for an added challenge.

*To ensure it lasts as long as possible, give to your dog when he needs to brush and remove immediately after he’s finished.


Why We Love This Tasty Toothbrush

♥  Saves us time and frustration cleaning doggo’s teeth

♥  Toothpaste self-dispenses as dog chews

♥  Can also take treats if you don’t have pet-friendly toothpaste

♥  Sweet-smelling toy helps to naturally attract dog

♥  Helps clear plaque and clean gum line to prevent teeth problems

♥  Keeps dog entertained, perhaps preventing him from destroying valuables



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Dimensions 18 × 15 × 10 in

4 reviews for Self-Dispensing Doggo Toothbrush Toy

  1. Avatar


    I honestly hate brushing my dog’s teeth and this is the easiest solution Ive found

  2. Avatar


    if i were to leave my dog with it, he’d probably destroy it. But i give it to hm whenever his breath smells and pull it away as suggested… works well when used like that

  3. Avatar


    My tip is to use a flavored dog toothpaste and then the dog will rub her teeth more

  4. Avatar


    I didnt have dog toothpaste when it first arrived, so i just gave it to my dog and it worked without too. Also be careful and dont use human toothpaste because many are posoin for dogs. My husband suggested it without knowing so just be careful

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