2in1 Long-Lasting Toy: Treat Puzzle + Dental Brusher

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❤ Bite-Resistant & Long Lasting

❤ Insert Treats to Transform into Interactive Puzzle

❤ Great for Teething Puppies Who Destroy Everything

❤ Great for Dental Hygiene

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❤ 7cm for Med-Large Dogs, 5cm for Small Dogs

❤ Arrives in 14-35 days

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Difficult to Destroy

❤ Bite-Resistant Yet Has Good Elasticity

❤ Good for Strong, Pointy, Teething Puppy Teeth

❤ Strong Rubber Made for Dogs Who Get Thrill Out of Wrecking Things




Clean Teeth 

To prevent plaque build-up, it helps to give your dog a toy or bone that helps rub the gunk off. This 2in1 toy has rubber spikes to help keep gums healthy.


Insert Treats for Puzzle Toy

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog busy and burn some energy, try inserting small treats or dry dog food into the teeth. She’ll roll it around, paw it and use his teeth to attempt to get the goods. Helps keep your dog mentally active as he takes on the challenge.



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Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 in


4 reviews for 2in1 Long-Lasting Toy: Treat Puzzle + Dental Brusher

  1. Avatar


    perfekt danke

  2. Avatar


    I just stuff some kibble in it as a part of my dogs breakfast and it works well

  3. Avatar


    my dog keeps destroying crap whenever Im out. This has helped to keep him busy… still hiding the shoes though lol

  4. Avatar


    Better than a regular ball because she rolls it around herself to get the treats out!!

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