The Snuggle Nest: A Dog Blanket Cave

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❤ Dog Bed Acts as a Safety Swaddle Cave
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❤ Suitable for Small breeds
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Whenever my dog goes for a nap, he wraps himself tightly in blankets to ensure every part of his body is covered.


Even if it’s a warm day, he doesn’t like to be exposed while relaxing.


And I learned that’s actually pretty common.


Many dogs love being swaddled.


Under the blankets represents a safe space.



Why Our Dogs Love the Snuggle Nest

❤ The sense of being swaddled

❤ Cave Structure gives doggos a sense of safety

❤ A dedicated space he knows he can go for shelter

❤ High-quality plush for a comfy snooze

❤ Machine Wash Gentle Setting (ok, this is why we love it)



Only suitable for small dog breeds.

dog bed for small breeds




Please allow 15-30 days for shipping. This gives you time to cuddle up your pup–because after she discovers her Snuggle Nest, you’ll have a little competition 😉 FREE shipping on all orders. Each product comes with a secure tracking number. Multiple products may be shipped separately to speed up delivery. See our shipping policies here. For inquiries, please email [email protected] or call/text 1-289-271-7697.

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Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 5 in

6 reviews for The Snuggle Nest: A Dog Blanket Cave

  1. Avatar


    Small is rather small. I donated mine to a Kitten rescue. I ordered wrong size. Nothing wrong with product. A dog or cat weighing 5 lbs or less would work well. Made super good and i do recommend.

  2. Avatar


    Arrived very quickly! The quality is good and looks great. I bought the L it for my poppy French bulldog and it small for him.. but my cat love it 🙂

  3. Avatar


    This product is exactly what it looks like and exactly what you expect it to be. Awesome product.

  4. Avatar


    I bought the large and i would recommend the large for everyone because it’s better than it being too small obviously… but my dog cuddles up in it no problem now

  5. Avatar


    Its actually so adorable to watch my dog crawl in and adjust herself lol

  6. Avatar


    It’s like a blanket and bed in one because it covers the dog so tightly to keep them warm

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